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All the Way From Knowlton's Landing

the original barn in Knowltons landingThe barn was originally built in 1889 at Knowlton's Landing. Its exact origins (builders, dates etc) are undocumented but it was remained in the Jones family for 122 years until Neil Manson purchased it from Lawrence Jones and moved it to Austin in 2008-2012.

This a high-drive barn, in which the horses would pull their load of hay up the barn bridge and then unload it into the hay mows from a second story. It was featured in Louise Abbott's book on Barns of the Eastern Townships, "The Heart of the Farm". Louise also featured the barn opening in her website "rural route communications".

The inaugural party celebrating the opening of the barn was held on September 8 and was the scene of around 150 happy folk feasting on beans and pulled pork and smoked turkey (view slideshow). The party was also featured in the Sherbrooke Record Sept 11, 2012 in Mable Hastings article "After the resurrection comes the celebration".

How it was done: The project was greatly facilitated by the use of the crane of Stephane Côté. This made it possible to move entire sections of the frame as units.
the last wallThe History slideshow illustrates many of the steps in the project. Removing the roof, the siding, then moving the walls by flatbed (very early in the morning). The distance moved was about 6-8 miles. Once at the site in Austin, the frame was re-assembled on a new foundation, again making use of the crane. Each section of the structure was resurrected and connected together. Finally, the siding and roofing were put on. A new weathervane was made, as Lawrence Jones, the former owner of the barn would not part with the old one depicting a dairy cow. The new flooring was planed using a planer attached to the tractor. Finally, new siding of freshly split cedar shakes was put on the outside to give a really new and clean appearance.